Get Group Lift Tickets

We specialize in booking group lift tickets online.
1) Procedures For Buying Group Lift Tickets

Your group will need to designate one person to be the Group Leader. The Group Leader will be responsible for booking the reservation, making the payment, receiving the email itinerary confirmation, and picking up the lift tickets at the resort. Once your group has decided on a resort, they will need to read the “Policies and Information” section. It’s important the Group Leader knows how many people are required for a group, every resort has different requirements (reservations that do not meet the minimum requirement will not be fulfilled). The Group Leader will need to know how many people are in their group, what day the group will start skiing/riding and how many days each group member wants to ski/ride.

Follow these steps below to book your trip:

  1. Choose from the list of products on the resort’s page and click on the green “GET DEAL” button.
  2. This will take you to a calendar where you can select your start date, how many days you would like to ski/ride and how many tickets you’d like to purchase for your group.
  3. Once you have selected those items, you are able to book your group’s tickets online.
  4. You will then go through the check-out process.
  5. An email itinerary confirmation will be sent to you, as soon as you’ve completed the reservation. This email confirmation will act as your voucher. Your Group Leader will need to bring this voucher with them to redeem your group tickets.

Some of our resorts have a “CALL NOW” button in place of “GET DEAL” button. Please contact us, we have a Reservations Department ready to book your trip.

*Note: the voucher will have detailed instructions about where to pick up your tickets.

2. What time should I arrive?

We recommend pulling up 30 minutes before the chairlift opens. Please refer to your emailed voucher to confirm hours of operation for the resort you are skiing/riding.

3. How do I get to the resort?

Refer to your emailed voucher for the physical address of your chosen ski resort. All members of the group are responsible for getting to the resort, unless otherwise reserved by your Group Leader. Transportation is not included with your tickets.

4. I have 10 skiers and 10 snowboarders; do I still qualify for group rates?

Absolutely, though the number of people required for a group does change between resorts. It does not matter whether you’re a skier or a rider, as long as you have the MINIMUM number of people the resort requests for a group.

5. Where do I pick up my tickets?

Please refer to the “Special Instructions” section on your emailed voucher for specific directions of where to pick up your lift tickets.

6. Can each person in my group pay individually?

No, the Group Leader needs to pay with one form of payment at the time of booking.

7. Do you offer refunds if a guest is unable to join us after we booked our tickets?

No, we do not offer refunds. Please make sure you have everyone’s commitment in your group before you make your purchase.

I booked my group lift tickets with I was not looking forward to being the Group Leader but this site made it so easy and I was the Hero with my family. I am definitely going to use this on our next family reunion. Thank you

Rebekah Johnson

Johnson Annual Family Reunion