Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is
We are an online marketplace where skiers/riders have access to purchase discounted lift tickets, lessons, rentals, group lift tickets and season passes. We are able to offer these discounts to our guests through the terms and conditions of the ski resorts we’ve partnered with. All purchases must be made in advance through and all purchases are date specific. Our web site is designed for the skiers/riders who know the specific dates they will be traveling and skiing/riding.
2. How do I get my lift tickets once I have purchased them?
After purchasing your lift tickets, a confirmation is sent to the email address you provided. Once you receive the confirmation via email, simply print out the voucher and bring it to the resort ticket office listed on the confirmation. You must present your Photo ID to redeem products. The ticket office will then exchange the print out for your physical tickets. Only one voucher is created for all travelers. The guest name who is listed on the voucher, must be the one to pick up the tickets.
3. What does a 2 of 3 day lift ticket mean?
A 2 of 3 day lift ticket means you can ski 2 days within a 3 day consecutive period starting on your chosen start date. A 3 of 5 day means you will have 3 days of skiing within a 5 day consecutive period.
4. How do I redeem my products that I've purchased?
Print out the email voucher that has been sent to you and bring it to the resort specified on the voucher. There is a section on the voucher with fulfillment instructions. In this section you will find detailed information on the location to redeem your ticket, rental, lesson, group tickets, or season pass.


5. Why can’t I book a certain date?
Many of our resort partners have a booking window. Which means you MUST purchase these tickets in advance of the booking window. The tickets and products will not be available if you’re trying to buy these tickets to close to the date you want to ski/ride. The dates you choose must be outside of the booking window. Most resorts require purchasing your tickets two to three days in advance and sometimes even longer, read the terms and conditions before making your purchase.
6. Can I cancel and get a refund?
No, all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. We are able to offer these discounts to our guests because of the strict terms and conditions we have with our resort partners. We do offer travel insurance and we recommend adding that to your purchase.


7. What are the terms and conditions of the travel insurance?

For additional information on travel insurance, please visit  the Travel Guard policy information here.


8. Can I ski/ride on any day I want to?
No, all purchases are date specific. Make sure you have finalized your travel plans before you make a purchase on our site.
9. Is it safe and secure to purchase my lift tickets online?
Yes, all credit card transactions take place on a secure server which provides security and privacy.
10. Do any ski resorts offer Senior Citizen rates?
Some resorts offer senior citizen rates through You can view all senior citizen rates through checking your dates of skiing on any participating resorts.
11. Do kids ski for free at any ski resorts?
Yes, some resorts offer free skiing for kids under a certain age. Check rates and specifics for each resort or contact us for more information.