Why Christmas Skiing at Aspen Snowmass is the Best in the US

by Greg Colquitt | December 9, 2021

Aspen Snowmass knows Christmas.

They know it better than the big city, they definitely know it better than Amazon, and they might even know it better than your grandma. They’re just really good at amplifying the magic of Christmas. Not only do they get a hefty amount of snow, which almost guarantees a white Christmas, they also have an exhaustive lift of things to do. Let’s dive in.

The Skiing

Starting with the obvious, this place literally has four mountains. We love to wax poetically about Aspen Snowmass, and for good reason. The terrain is some of the best in North America and if you don’t find what you like, you just pop over to the next mountain. We wrote a more extensive article about Why You Should Ski Aspen Snowmass This Year. If you’re headed to Aspen, or even thinking about it, it’s worth a read.

The Activities and Dining

As mentioned the list is long, and what follows doesn’t cover everything. For a list of events put out by the Aspen Chamber of Commerce, click here. For the highlights, continue reading.

  • Snowmass Luminescence

    Snowmass Luminescense all lit up

    • Every year, Aspen Snowmass constructs a visual experience called the Luminescence. As the resort says, it’s “an interactive series of LED illuminated walkways and arches that will ignite your senses.” It’s an opportunity to intensify that “holiday spirit” that runs through our veins around this time of the year. To learn more, click here.
  • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day Dinner at The Little Nell Hotel

    • For a more luxurious experience that you won’t forget, Element 47 is hosting on a four-course prix fixe dinner on both Christmas Eve and Day. It costs $250 per person with an optional wine pairing for another $100 per person. To learn more, click here.
  • Riding the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster

    • If you’re ready to switch up the routine or find an activity if the snow isn’t so great, the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster will give you all the thrills while sitting down. Occasionally, when the special Ullr Nights happen, you’ll have the chance to ride the coaster under the lights.
      • Open weekends : Dec. 3 – 17
      • Open daily : Dec. 17 – Apr. 3
      • Located right next to Elk Camp Restaurant
      • To book tickets, click here.

The Whole “Being Pretty Far from I-70” Thing

If you’re unfamiliar, I-70 is a blessing and a curse. Yes, it makes getting to the mountains from Denver much easier, but it also makes getting to the mountains much easier for everyone else, too. Traffic is real, road rage is real, and accidents are very real. Aspen is a little away from all of that. If you’re coming from the East (Denver), you’ll have to take I-70 for a while, but once you’re off the Interstate, driving through the Roaring Fork Valley is a much more pleasant experience. And all that driving scares the crowds off a bit more so you can have that peaceful Christmas time that you were really hoping for–in the village, not the auto shop.

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