Why Brits Will Invade Western Canada This Year

by Brandon Quinn | October 25, 2010

(Photo Courtesy of “Tim in Sydney“)

Brits make up a large portion of the demographic of people who travel internationally to ski. The success of last Winter’s Olympics at Whistler Blackcomb helped Canada attract more British skiers than the United States last year. This trend is likely to continue this year for several reasons.

First, it’s not exactly breaking news to locals in Western Canada, but nonetheless, it’s worth reiterating that Western Canada gets pounded with snow. Whistler Blackcomb enjoyed a record-breaking amount of snowfall last winter, as did other parts of British Columbia. One potential downside to consider is that the snow is not always dry due to the proximity of the Pacific Ocean. The bottom-line though is that skiers and riders are very likely to experience fresh tracks on a trip to Western Canada. It is no coincidence that the world’s first, and now largest, helicopter skiing operation was founded in the mighty Cariboo and Monashee mountain ranges in British Columbia. You can be sure that these locations were chosen for a reason and that this company’s success depends on good snow.

The second reason is that Western Canada has very rugged and beautiful looking mountains. Although lower in altitude than the American Rockies they appear to be more wild and remote. For many potential ski tourists, aesthetics can be more important than the quality of the slopes themselves.

Finally, prices in the Western Canadian resorts are cheaper than those in the United States. This is likely to have a huge impact during these tough economic times.

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