Three Snowboarding Movies (and One Ski Film) To Watch before the Winter Season

by Kirsten Dobroth | October 16, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Johannes Waibel.

Travis Rice is at it again, and his newest snowboarding epic “Depth Perception,” has us salivating over the results (see below for the teaser). Coming off last season’s The Fourth Phase (which, no disrespect, kind of lost me – Travis Rice on a boat?), Rice’s newest project has him hitting pillow lines deep in British Columbia with his crew (Bryan Fox, Robin Van Gyn, and Austen Sweetin), and sees its world premier today in Bozeman, Montana (followed by a premier tomorrow in Jackson, Wyoming), although it makes the rounds in ski towns around the world throughout the fall. If you can’t make one of the North American or international premier dates, however, here’s a few more classic snowboarding (and one skiing) movie to get you ready for winter and all its powdery goodness.

Hot Dog… The Movie

My first reaction when I meet someone (skier or snowboarder, I don’t discriminate) who hasn’t seen “Hot Dog” is shock; how can you call yourself a purveyor of anything snow-related if you haven’t experienced the thrill of the Chinese Downhill with your blob of funk? Sure, times have changed in ski towns around the country, but if you want to take a rollicking trip back to the good ole’ days (and finally understand all those chairlift jokes you laughed at anyways), you should probably add it to your fall watch list.

The Jeremy Jones Trilogy

Whether you snowboard or not, Jeremy Jones’ trilogy (consisting of 2010’s “Deeper,” “Further” in 2012, and “Higher” in 2014) is mandatory viewing for some of today’s most prolific snowboard- mountaineering. Along with looking back at his years of defining snowboarding culture, Jones invites viewers to suffer along with him in some of the world’s most remote and wild mountain ranges, all for the thrill of the first descent.

Art of Flight

Arguably the best of Travis Rice’s snowboarding movies, Art of Flight was a freak-out moment for the sport of snowboarding that saw Rice defying gravity (in slow motion with a dubstep soundtrack courtesy of 2010) and taking snowboarding into completely uncharted territory. Really, anything Travis Rice puts on film is an instant classic, but “Art of Flight” is arguably his best and most ground breaking work, and mandatory viewing for any of his subsequent films.

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