The Rise of Midweek Skiing: Why it’s the Best Time for Discount Skiing

by Amanda Ellis | January 31, 2024

In recent years, the allure of snow sports has reached new heights, drawing more visitors to ski resorts across the country than ever before. From the Rockies to the Appalachians, white-capped peaks are feeling the love. However, amidst this surge in popularity, there’s a well-kept secret that savvy snow seekers are discovering – the unparalleled advantages of midweek skiing. From shorter lift lines to hassle-free parking, there are a lot of perks to hitting the slopes midweek.

Score Savings on Lift Tickets

Picture of a person with black gloves punching a hole into a skier's lift ticket hanging from a red jacket. One of the most compelling reasons to embrace midweek skiing is the opportunity to save money on lift tickets. Ski resorts across the country are eager to attract midweek visitors, and their lift ticket prices reflect this desire. Whether you’re in the Rockies, the Sierra Nevada, or the Northeast, you’ll find that midweek lift ticket prices are notably lower than those on weekends.

For example, resorts like Aspen, Colorado, offer substantial discounts on midweek lift tickets compared to their weekend counterparts. The same trend can be observed in regions such as Lake Tahoe, Vermont, and Utah. Online purchase options for midweek skiing often yield even more savings, making it a cost-effective choice for ski enthusiasts.

Savor Quiet Slopes

Midweek skiing offers a tranquil escape to uncrowded slopes, a dream come true for skiers of all skill levels. Whether you’re an intermediate looking to explore the mountain without long lift lines or a beginner seeking a stress-free environment to hone your skills, weekdays provide the perfect setting. Less crowds allow for a more enjoyable and uninterrupted skiing experience.

Stay for Less with Lodging Discounts

Hotels and lodges in ski towns across the US tend to lower their rates significantly on weekdays, providing budget-conscious travelers with more affordable accommodation options. Whether you’re in the Rockies, the Cascades, or the Adirondacks, midweek lodging deals are readily available. This not only saves you money but also grants you greater flexibility in choosing where to stay.

Enjoy Easier Driving and Parking

Weekends often bring traffic congestion to mountain roads, especially during snowy conditions. However, on weekdays, you can often bypass the traffic hassle and enjoy a smoother journey to the slopes. This is especially valuable in regions like the Pacific Northwest, where traffic jams are a common occurrence on weekends.

Additionally, many ski resorts require advance parking reservations on weekends and holidays, creating a parking challenge for weekend warriors. Midweek skiers can avoid this inconvenience and secure those coveted parking spots closest to the chairlifts.

Say Cheers to Midweek Après Deals

View from above looking down at five people holding alcoholic drinks and clinking their glasses together.Ski enthusiasts share a common love for discounted food and drinks, and midweek skiing provides the perfect opportunity to indulge in these deals. While weekends often see limited offerings due to crowded eateries, weekdays offer a plethora of après-ski discounts.

Whether you’re in the Rockies, the Sierra Nevada, or the Northeast, you’ll find restaurants and bars near ski resorts offering midweek bargains on a variety of culinary delights. From burgers and tacos to pizza and brews, exploring these local deals can add an extra layer of enjoyment to your midweek skiing experience.

Meet the Locals

Ski-town residents across the US often have the flexibility to choose their ski days, and many opt for midweek adventures. Sharing a chairlift with a local can lead to invaluable insider tips about hidden gems, from live music venues to the tastiest restaurants or the best spots for off-piste adventures. View from behind of two people on a ski resort chairlift riding through a wintry wonderland. Engaging with locals can transform your weekday ski trip into a unique, unforgettable experience.


The rise of midweek skiing presents an enticing opportunity for ski enthusiasts to save money, enjoy tranquil slopes, find affordable lodging, experience stress-free driving and parking, indulge in après-ski deals, and more intimately connect with the locals. With the added benefits of fewer crowds and potentially more snowfall during the week, there’s no better time than now to embrace those midweek shred sessions.

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