The Legend of ULLR! The Myth, the Man, The Maker of Snow

by Jack McNary | January 31, 2023

Ullr may not be well known by all, and really that’s a shame. You’d think the mythical being responsible for a good winter would be more appreciated, and we aim to help spread the word. Recently, we were able to snag last chair with Ullr, and managed to ask a few questions before he disappeared off into the mist. Ullr did not allow us to record the exchange, so the questions are a recreation of what we discussed.

Don’t ask what we had to do to get these pictures. Let’s just say, we owe a favor to some forest creatures.

Does he watch football when he’s not conjuring up epic snowstorms, and if so, what’s his favorite team?

What began as a simple conversation starter turned into a digression about obscure winter sports. As it happens, Ullr is surprisingly a huge fan of competitive curling. Something about the gentle preservation of kinetic energy tickles his soul and informs his skiing style. Go figure, right?

When the conversation veered back to football, he was noncommittal. You’d think it would be the Vikings, but Ullr is a winner, so that rules out most teams in the NFL, really. Rumor has it he prefers California (more on that below). Local legend goes that if you are alone on a slope at Mammoth towards the end of a powder day, you might hear a faint “Go Vikings” emanating from the trees.

What does he eat to maintain his quintessential Viking bod?

At home in the mist

As a supernatural mountain-inhabiting being, Ullr has no need for food, and instead draws energy from the forests he occupies. Specifically, he feeds on deep powder, and tends to move on as soon as it has been depleted. He has, however, admitted that he does enjoy an occasional beer, and is especially fond of the bespoke brews you can find on some mountains.

What are his personal struggles?


Rumor has it, Sondre Norheim got the inspiration for telemark skiing from Ullr

Without pulling back the curtain too much here, Ullr does have some mild social anxiety, which helps to explain why he’s so hard to spot. He admitted that there is a lot of pressure that comes with being a snow god, and he tries to not let it overwhelm him. Ullr likes to tele, and he’s worried that someone might catcall him with the classic “fix the heel, fix the problem!”, hence why he avoids skiing under the liftline. Even gods have self-esteem issues from time to time!

Does he have a favorite resort? This year it seems to be Mammoth.

As was mentioned above, Ullr really digs California, but he tries his best to spread the love and not play favorites. Each mountain is like a child of his, after all. When asked what happened to the snow last year, he admitted he was going through some stuff and didn’t have his usual magical snow-confecting powers, but judging from the snowpack this year, he’s back to his old self.

What’s his relationship status? Single? Happily Married? Is there a Mrs Ullr? What’s she like?

When you’re riding a chairlift with a supernatural being, it can be tough to slide a personal relationship question in there, but his answer was a bit surprising – he’s an eternallife-long bachelor, because the powder is really all he needs. Elaborating further, he mentioned that he draws strength and energy from all the single ski bums in the mountain towns, as for him that is the purest form of existence. That old chestnut “no girlfriends on a powder day” seems to hold true for Ullr, in part because he’s on a never-ending powder day.

Eternally single, unsure of mingling status

That was all we had time for on that brief chairlift ride. Which chairlift, you ask? Maybe it’s a bit of Ullr’s magic, but your author can’t seem to remember exactly where it was, aside from the fact that it was a blower pow day!

Next time you find yourself itching to commune with Ullr, be sure to check with us first for the best deals on tickets, lodging and gear!


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