The Best Resort Edits You’ll Ever See

by Greg Colquitt | May 3, 2018

The footage.

First: The Alps

“Have fun on any bit of snow you see,” he says.
That’s Arthur Longo speaking, the main character of the poetry that is Side Hits Euphoria below. Arthur is a French snowboarder and he likes to rip around his home mountains in the Alps. I think when you watch this you’ll want to ride just about anything, anywhere, anytime. Just know that a pile of t-shirts doesn’t constitute a pile of snow and here’s this disclaimer: Longo competed in the Sochi Olympics. Don’t feel to self-conscious of your snowbilities.

Second: The States

Watching a trio made up of guys like Cody Townsend means entertainment for days. In case you weren’t convinced by the first, these guys make resort skiing look like the most fun thing on the planet. Probably because it is. Rip the resort.

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