New England Powder Days

by Kirsten Dobroth | December 29, 2016

The snow dances of New Englanders across the Northeast have been answered; Vermont, New Hampshire, and parts of Maine are set for the biggest snow totals in the country for New Year’s Eve – the biggest snow accumulation so far this season for the region – in what’s looking like a powdery finish to 2016. 48-hour snow accumulations are listed below by resorts with the heaviest predicted snow totals, as forecasted by OpenSnow.

  1. Sunday River, Maine  One of the state’s largest and most popular resorts, Sunday River should see close to 2 feet from the storm, with the majority of snowfall hitting the slopes Friday the 30th.
  2. Black Mountain, New Hampshire and Wildcat, New Hampshire Tied for second, both resorts are predicted to see 21 inches throughout the two-day storm.
  3. Saddleback, Maine; Loon Mountain, New Hampshire; and Cannon Mountain, New Hampshire   All three resorts should see about 20 inches from the storm, leaving them only 2 inches off of the top predicted spot, with the majority of snow hitting the area for Friday the 30th.
  4. Waterville Valley, New Hampshire; Sugarloaf, Maine; Black Mountain, Maine; Cranmore, New Hampshire; Mt. Abram, Maine; Attitash, New Hampshire; Bretton Woods, New Hampshire   It’s probably a safe assumption that if you find yourself anywhere in New Hampshire, you’re in for a powder day. Resorts around western and southern Maine should see major snowfall as well, with the listed four-way tie above predicted to see 19 inches over 48 hours.
  5. Jay Peak, Vermont   Let’s not forget about Vermont in all of this. Although New Hampshire and Maine are predicted to see the most snow, resorts across Vermont are only a couple inches off, and while Jay Peak is expected to see the most in the state, a handful of other resorts in Vermont round out OpenSnow’s forecast.

Ski forecasters for OpenSnow and more general meteorology predictions from NOAA are optimistic for the whole area, and show that even if you don’t find yourself in one of the areas predicted to see the most snowfall (above), large parts of the region should see around a foot from the storm. Happy powder days – and New Year – New England!

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