Mammoth Mountain–the Deepest Snowpack in America–for $60/day

by Greg Colquitt | January 18, 2017

Remember that river of moisture that we couldn’t stop hearing about that dumped 20 something feet of snow on Mammoth Mountain in California?

Well in case you missed all the other posts about it, that put them at the top of the list for the deepest snowpack in the nation–a heinous 269″ at the summit. I read stories that conjured images of old poems pitting nature versus man, where shovels couldn’t keep up with the falling snow, and flooding posed a very serious problem for the Sierra’s lower elevations. But, for those who like to stay on top of the snow, videos like this one popped up.

But I’m not here to tell you about how deep Cali’s snowpack is; rather, I get to tell you that you get to ski Mammoth Mountain for not that much money.

And it’s not really a secret either. We have deals posted that will get you on the mountain for as little as $60/day. Compared to the single day price of $139, that’s pretty good.
I don’t want to mislead you here, though. You get the $60/day price when you plan on skiing 5 out of 7 days at Mammoth Mountain, but even if you bought a single day pass on GetSkiTickets you could land a ticket for $103. That’s enough savings to buy a couple cases of beer and maybe a hot dog. There’s not a heck of a lot of tickets left at this price, though (15 when I checked), so snatch them up while you can. If I didn’t have a job that kept me in Colorado, I’d be there in a heartbeat. Just look at the snow, people.

Forecasters are also saying the good isn’t good enough.

Just when you thought that one more snowflake would send Mammoth crumbling under its own weight, the winter gods said, “we’re completely and totally merciless”. I pulled the forecast for the upcoming week from OpenSnow. Dear God.

So if you want a chance of a lifetime to ski some legendary powder in one of the most epic years on record and stand on top of California’s hopeful rebound back into actually having water, click here.

Otherwise, sing a sad sad song in your living room by yourself.

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