Mammoth is Staying Open Until July 4th!

by Greg Colquitt | February 15, 2019

So Mammoth just got 16 feet of snow in 14 days.

In case you weren’t sure, that’s a whole cubic dumpage of snow and comes out to average over a foot per day. Just think about that for a second. Got it? Okay.
We can thank the atmospheric river that set up shop over California and completely emptied everything it had, bringing feet and feet of snow to the Sierra Nevada range. The additional snow helped build up their prodigious base depth up to 210″ at its deepest point, which makes the mountain boast the deepest snowpack in the nation. All that goes to say that the mountain will remain open for quite some time.

Now Mammoth is now planning on staying open until at least July 4th.

So while everyone else is firing up their weber and hiding firework purchases from their significant others, you could be on the mountain skiing beautiful summer snow, most likely in shorts.
You might have half the year to get up to the hill, but the gettin is good now and the powder is flying. Get on it!

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