Is it ever too cold to ski?

by Dan Giesin | December 28, 2017

The old saying is there is no such thing as terrible weather, only dressing terribly for the weather!
Indeed, there may be times when it is too cold to ski, but at the end of the day, if you’re dressed properly, and head inside for the occasional warm up, you’ll be fine. After all, it’s cold during the winter and that’s when all the snow falls too!
Most ski areas operate through cold spells too, with the exception of outside demands on electricity. For instance, Mont-Sainte-Anne just north of Quebec City was asked during a recent cold spell to reduce operations by Hydro Quebec due to increased demand for electricity in the surrounding area. Seems too many people were huddled up around electric space heaters instead of being outside and enjoying the recent snowfall.
Here are some tips for skiing and snowboarding on those days when the mercury dips below zero:
Hand and toe warmers.
Hand and toe warmers!
A must-have for those cold days. But here is a very important tip – place the tow warmers on top of your toes, not underneath.
Not the most attractive piece of clothing, but very effective in keeping the cold out and the warmth in!
Yes, helmets are warmer than hats! And you can also regulate the temperature by opening and closing vents if it gets too warm. Also, if you’re not always wearing a helmet, its time to get on the program! Helmets have been cool for more than 10 years!
Layer up!
Layer up!
A good pair of long underwear and at least three layers under a ski jacket keeps the warm in and the cold out. Remember, it’s easier to take items off if you’re too hot than it is to add more and warm up!
Sunburst Six
Bubble chairs and gondolas!
No one ever gets cold skiing at Okemo when they are doing laps on the Sunburst Six high-speed, heated chair! Gondolas are also a great way to get up the mountain and out of the elements too!
They say – really? Who is “they” anyway? – consuming alcoholic beverages will make you feel warmer, but it doesn’t actually keep you warmer. In fact, “they” even say drinking alcohol lowers your core body temperature. So the tip here: don’t drink the cheap stuff! Get yourself a bottle of High West Campfire and enjoy a little nip. It’ll make you feel warm and that’s the point! Just make sure you bring enough to share with everyone on the gondola!

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