Introducing Astis Mittens

by Brandon Quinn | October 19, 2010

As most experienced skiers and riders can attest to, mittens are naturally warmer than gloves. Not only do the fingers maintain their warmth because they are in contact with each other, but there is also a reduced surface area which minimizes heat loss.

A new company named Astis recently introduced one of the best products of 2010: ski mittens. These aren’t just any old mittens though; these are some hip and highly functional mittens. As beautiful as they look, they are meant to be worn for winter adventures of all kinds. Your hands will definitely stay toasty in these mittens.

The company has a unique story. Astis co-founder, Brad Peterson, came across a pair of original Cree mittens as a gift from one of his best friends. Brad was awed by the craftsmanship and artistry of the mittens; not only were they beautifully crafted, but they were more durable and functional than any he’d worn in the past. As a testament to their incredible durability, Brad has used the original pair for 12 seasons now. Below is an actual picture of the original pair given to Brad.

Astis mittens are hand-stitched in the USA. They are made from the highest-quality of materials and it shows. According to the Astis website, “The mittens combine today’s technology with the tradition of handcrafted artistry. The mittens are made from the highest-quality and hard-wearing suede leather. They are lined with dry-wicking Polartec® Classic 300 to keep your hands dry and warm in the wettest and coldest of conditions.

Astis is based in San Francisco, CA. You can purchase Astis Mittens directly from their website.

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