How to turn a Workday into a Ski Day

by Jack McNary | December 16, 2022

A little persuasion can go a long way…

We here at will never be upset about snow falling, particularly not when there are heaps of it falling across the west. Practically everywhere is getting some of the good stuff, and it begs the question, “why shouldn’t you too?”. For most of us, the answer is usually “because I have to do my job, duh”, but this is where some creativity can come into play. A good job will have at least some components of personal development. If not, it’s probably not that great of a job, eh?

For starters, we find ourselves at the end of the year, which is a good time for an annual review or performance assessment. These can be a bit nerve-racking, especially in times of economic uncertainty. So, why not conduct it while you’re doing something enjoyable? At the very least it will help cushion the blow of honest and perhaps critical words. Or maybe you’re crushing it and it can be a cause for celebration. Either way, here are a few more reasons for why a ski day can be a great workday:


Sure, your coworkers don’t have to be your friends, but you do need to develop trust in them for everyone to work effectively together. A group ski day is a great way to put this to the test! There is bound to be some variability in skill between everyone, and thus it represents an opportunity for the most experienced to help lead those who are newer to it. (Note: If you’re an advanced skier showing your novice coworkers around, it’s always a good idea to take at least one digger to show some humility).

Personal development

One of the inevitable things about skiing is that there will be some downtime, whether in the form of driving up to the mountain, waiting in lift lines, or on the chairlift itself. These are all great times to really dig into some of what makes people tick, and to find out more about what drives them. You can use the good vibes from the day to broach topics that are otherwise harder to fit into the day-to-day, and the time in between chairlift rides allows for some good introspection. If you happen to catch a powder day, the conversation might be a bit snow-centric, but when has that ever been a problem?

What awaits you on the weekdays

The alternatives we take for granted

It’s ok sometimes to pull back the veneer of professionalism and acknowledge that we should all still have fun from time to time. And when you think about it, what’s a better use of time – going out to dinner/the bars with coworkers, where everyone ends up drinking too much and it has the potential to become a bit awkward, or, getting some excellent exercise and fresh air with friends, and then capping it off with a nice beverage to celebrate, all while still getting to bed at a decent hour?

The other part about turning a work day into a ski day is, unless you find yourself typically working on the weekends, you should have the mountain all to yourself! While a blower powder day will draw in a decent crowd, you’ll still get to savor the feeling of tracks all to yourself. And you might help answer the question – ‘who gets all the snow on the weekends before I get to it’?.

Whether or not you’re successful in convincing your boss or employees to take a ski workday, be sure to check with us first for the best deals on geartickets, and lodging for your next trip up to the mountain!

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