How to Prepare for this Ski Season

by Greg Colquitt | October 17, 2019

Good things happen when the snow falls. I know for most of the country it’s not happening yet, but some things have been going down in Montana and Alberta and it’s getting downright batty out there. So with all that being said let’s start preparing for the snow because it’s coming and we’re stoked.

. . .

1. Watch this video


2. Listen to a ski movie soundtrack on Spotify

Nothing gets the ski blood flowing like a nice dose of righteous ski movie tunage. What’s cool is that if you’re a ski movie buff, there’s a good chance a playlist of the soundtrack exists on Spotify. Just search for your favorite ski movie (mine’s All In from MSP) and boppity boopity, you’ve outsourced your playlist making to the professionals.  But don’t get mad at me if your favorite movie’s playlist doesn’t exist. Write your congressperson.

3. Check for local ski swaps

Short of cash and equipment? Great. Join the club. There’s a good chance you can score some sweet skis, bindings, poles, etc. at one of these ski swaps. Check for one in your local area. If there is skiing anywhere near you (Denver), there’s a good chance you can find one. If skiing is a little out of the picture (Tennessee), keep your eyes peeled for the few ski shops that exist to put their demo skis on sale. Also, if you hear about folks with excess cash returning from a lavish ski trip who thought it wise to buy skis there, I would hit them up and see if you can take those sweet Kästle [KESS-lee] skis off their hands for cheap. You’re doing them a favor people.

4. Ask yourself why you work so much.

Really, though, is your life that much better when you work 60 hours a week? Maybe you have to, but there’s a good chance you don’t. Your ski legs are atrophying like a pair of slugs that just got doused with salt while you sit on your butt at your desk. Get out and start preppin’ because once that first powder day hits you’re going to be begging to sweet Jesus that you had done one lunge at the gym before the snow started falling. If you’ve never felt the burn of a pow day after a long off-season, you will wish you never had.

5. Start planning your escape

Now that you’ve gotten adequately stoked, it’s time to start making moves. Big Sky and the Alberta resorts are getting dumped on early. Though it’s a little too early to say, maybe those are the best bet for early season powder. Got a family? Maybe snag a cheap Frontier flight to Denver and make the short drive to Winter Park. The kids can’t spill that much in the car in an hour fifteen, can they?


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