How to Get Discount Lift Tickets & Ski Deals

by Sierra Thomas | September 17, 2021

Gone are the days when you could casually saunter into King Soopers or Safeway and snag those glorious ‘Gold C’ coupons for discounted lift tickets. Oh, how the times have changed! But don’t despair, my snow-loving friends. The quest for affordable skiing adventures is far from over. Here’s your modern-day guide to outsmarting the slopes and saving some cold, hard cash.

1. Early Bird Gets the Deal

Be the proactive planner you were born to be! Booking early can get you some amazing deals. Resorts are suckers for those who commit early – they see it as a love letter to their snowy peaks. So get your calendar out and book those tickets before the first snowflake dares to fall.

2. Embrace the Midweek Madness

Leave the weekends for the rookies. Want to rule the slopes like a king? Hit them midweek. Not only do you escape the horde of weekend warriors, but ticket prices also take a pleasant dive. Who knew conquering a Tuesday could be so exhilarating?

3. Go Big with Group Discounts

Gather your squad, family, or even those coworkers you barely know. Group discounts at resorts are real, and they’re fantastic – the more, the merrier and, importantly, cheaper.

4. Season Passes: Not Just for Locals

Think season passes are overkill for your skiing appetite? Think again. If you’re eyeing multiple trips or an extended stay, a season pass can be an absolute steal. Glide past those ticket lines with a smug grin, knowing you’ve outsmarted the system.

5. Last-Minute Lifts? There’s an App for That

Welcome to the digital era, where apps are your secret weapon for scoring last-minute lift ticket deals. Perfect for spontaneous snow adventures.

6. Flash Your ID and Save

Students, seniors, military personnel – show off that ID! Many resorts throw discounts your way as a token of appreciation. It’s like getting a high-five for being you.

7. The Multi-Day Pass Maneuver

Aiming to conquer the slopes for several days? Opt for a multi-day pass. It’s the Costco approach to skiing – buy more, save more. Plus, it’s a great excuse to justify extending that ski trip.

8. Local Love: Resident Discounts

Living near a ski resort? You might be unknowingly sitting on a treasure trove of discounts. Many resorts offer special rates for locals. It’s one time when being a neighbor really pays off.

9. Social Media Stalking

Time to stalk… on social media, that is. Follow your favorite ski resorts for access to exclusive flash sales, special promotions, or contests. It’s like a modern-day treasure hunt, just with more scrolling and less digging.

10. Off-Peak = On Point

Consider skiing during the shoulder season – think early December or late March. The crowds thin out, and so do the prices. It’s like having the mountain all to yourself, but on a budget.

Remember: The days of easy Gold C coupons might be a fond memory, but the pursuit of affordable ski trips is still alive and kicking. With a dash of planning and a sprinkle of savvy, you can hit those slopes without causing a financial avalanche. So strap on those skis and conquer those discounts like the slope-shredding warrior you are! 🎿💰

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