Burton’s Step On Bindings Hit Shelves in November

by Kirsten Dobroth | October 9, 2017

Already trying to think of the perfect holiday gift for your snowboarding family member (or looking for the newest gear to complete your setup for this season)? Consider Burton’s Step On Bindings, which aren’t just the most current model of bindings available from the company, but represent the newest technology available on the market when it comes to the sport (well, sort of). This is more of a revival of Burton technology, albeit with improved functionality. Burton put out a similar binding years ago, and while they were wildly popular for a time (and are still somewhat popular as relics on Ebay), snowboarders eventually went back to being strapped in because of concerns over binding response. Burton’s Step On Bindings offer similar specs by totally removing straps from the equation (no more broken toe straps!), but seek to one-up their previous model by creating a system that uses a toe and heel cleat to hold the matching boot in place, and a release lever located on the back of the binding to get you out of the binding when you’re ready to hop on the lift. The video below didn’t really do much to explain how all it works until the end, when everything clicks (quite literally). The revamped product hits shelves on November 2, although only time will only tell whether Burton’s attempt to revive their strapless binding system sees a longer shelf life than their last effort.

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