Best Resorts for Night Skiing

by Drew Bower | December 11, 2015

Keystone Resort, CO

Hands down the best place to night skiing in the world. Keystone offers more for night skiing than some resort offer, in total. With 15 trails lit up and a terrain park, it’s the most skiable night terrain in Colorado. When you’re done and ready to warm back up, you can hit up the ice rink at Keystone Inn for ice hockey & skating or the infamous 9280’ Bar in the Village.

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Crotched, NH

Crotched Mountain takes night skiing to the next level with a badass name, Midnight Madness. Although Keystone has a great lighted terrain park, what’s better than 1 lit up terrain park… yep, 2 lighted up terrain parks! Not only does the entire mountain have night skiing but it’s open until 3am! Later than bars in most states! Crotched Mountain also hosts a concert series and slope side bonfire to keep warm!

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Brighton, UT

Brighton makes the top of the list in Utah, although Park City Ski Resort is a night skiing contender, with over 200 acres of terrain. If you learn better at night, you can opt for ski lessons across three operating lifts. When you drop them off the beginners for night ski school, you can rip under the lights at a discounted $40 ticket price with access to a park and the half pipe!


Mt. Hood Skibowl, OR

As if Mt. Hood doesn’t have everything already, there is night skiing down the street at Mt. Hood Skibowl with a whopping 960 skiable nighttime hours, making it the most lighted terrain in the country. They have 34 lit runs, 7 nights per week AND Cosmic Tubing for an epic tubing experience at night!

Mt. Hood Skibowl

Wachusett, MA

Wachusett, MA Many New England skiers mastered their skiing expertise at night at a few local Mass resorts, Bradford & Nashoba Valley, but the godfather of night skiing is Wachusett! Locally loved and well maintained, Wachusett has 18 lighted trails that run until 10p and great après skiing venues or catch live music Thursday through Sunday!

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