Best Resorts for a Quick Ski Weekend

by Jack McNary | January 5, 2023

We’re well in the swing of things so far, and the snow is falling evenly across the West (thank goodness!). It’s the perfect time of year to plan a quick trip somewhere, and to help you out, we’ve decided to spotlight a few of our favorite, reasonable places to get to in a weekend:


Oh, how we love the Boat. The perfect fusion between the charm of the Old West and modern amenities, Steamboat is a special place to have a quick getaway. If you’re feeling bougie you can rent one of the many slope-side condos, or you have no shortage of lodging options to choose from in the beautiful Yampa Valley.

Once there, you can experience some truly unique skiing – look no further than the area known as Priest Creek – if you find the right line, you end up in a seemingly endless aspen glade. Just know that the locals will probably have cleared it out, should you be there on a powder day!

Wolf Creek

No frills, all powdery thrills!

Wait a second – how many inches of snow fall at Wolf Creek every year? That’s right, we’re talking about 430” of the good stuff falling on the mountains. And what’s more, Wolf Creek is about 5 hours from Denver, or from Albuquerque, and only about double that from Texas and Oklahoma. While the lodging on the mountain is non-existent, you have plenty of options in the nearby towns of Pagosa Springs, due south, and South Fork to the north.

If frills are your thing, you might want to look elsewhere, but the mountain, despite its humble setup, is just as good as your fanciest, modern mountain. Two express quads keep traffic moving on the frontside, and you can get lost for days – in a good way – in the winding glades skier’s right of the Alberta Chair. If you’re feeling bold, there is plenty of hike-to terrain, and if not, no worries! There is more than enough room for you to make your way gradually down the mountain. Just keep in mind that you might be in full blizzard conditions while you’re there, and pack accordingly!


Taos, Red River, Angel Fire

Credit: New Mexico Nomad Recipes : Chile Rellenos

Nothing better than a chile relleno after a cold day skiing!

We’ve already profiled why Taos is awesome, and in addition to all of its wonderful characteristics, its proximity is another desirable trait. While you’re there, you can check out the other awesome mountains located nearby, Red River and Angel Fire. Both are quieter, mom-and-pop type places, and the fact that they are all within about an hour’s distance of each other means the only problem you’ll have will be which one you don’t go to if you’ve only got two days in a weekend! In case you were worried about the snow, the good news is that New Mexico is finally getting in on the fun, and most of the mountains are starting to open up.

One last thing – there are usually no hard rules with ski weekends, but if you visit this area you have to (diet permitting) try some green chile, or else the trip is a bust!

Regardless of where you choose to spend a quick weekend getaway, be sure to check with us first for the best deals on tickets, lodging and gear!

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