5 Ski Resort Instagram Feeds You Need to Follow

by Greg Colquitt | February 13, 2019

Just because you’re at work…

doesn’t mean you can’t daydream about snow. Some days you’re on the mountain, and some days you’re stuck in a cubicle thinking about all the things you could be doing. Here’s some of our favorite resort Instagram accounts that might make your office a little less exciting. But day dreaming is healthy, right?
5. Winter Park Resort – Winter Park, CO

Why we like it: Uhm, is that a gondola homage to NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Series? Okay that’s cool. Now I’m thinking about riding Winter Park’s new gondola, skiing under golden Colorado sun, and…did someone hear banjo music?

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4. Whistler Blackcomb – Whistler, British Columbia

Why We Like It: If this picture isn’t evidence enough, Whistler’s IG has some very cool photos that don’t pop up on other mountain accounts. Other photos include sweet angles of a ski patrolers roped up to a helicopter and, a few scrolls later, a skier jumping through a ring of fire. 10/10 would recommend just on creativity value alone.

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3. Sunshine Village – Banff, AB

Why We Like It: Aside from this photo being one of the coolest things we have ever laid our eyes on, the rest of Sunshine’s IG feed lives and breathes beautiful photos of that not-too-shabby Banff landscape. The place really does look like the pictures.

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2. Big Sky Resort – Big Sky, MT

Why We Like It: Big Sky is HUGE, and the resort’s social media team does a very good job of conveying the absolute enormity of the place straight to your dome. There’s also an occasional mountain goat photo floating in the feed trying to get in on the action. We’ll allow it, Mr. Goat.

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1. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort – Jackson Hole, WY

Why We Like It: Okay JHole, you did it again. You made it on the top of another list. Your IG is just stupid full of cool things like the video above, absurdly beautiful landscapes, and face shots face shots face shots. The videos of people hucking into Corbet’s really seal the deal, though. Nice work, kid.

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And that’s it!

There are no more Instagram feeds on Instagram. Well, there is one…
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